Tuck Fest - U.S. National Whitewater Center


Tuck Fest Half Century Challenge

Looking to knock down as many road and mountain miles as possible throughout Tuck Fest? Those that can cover 50+ miles between any of the various Road Cycling/Mountain Bike events (with the exception of Enduro) will be eligible for the first annual Tuck Fest Half Century Challenge Award. Riders interested in participating in this challenge will need to select this timing chip option during registration for verification purposes. Awards will be given based on completion of the 50 mile (or more) distance and not based on time.

Gravel Grinder

Still jonesing for some on/off-road racing on a drop bar bike? We have carved out a new nine mile course for you to roll on. This single-lap event will utilize a variety of doubletrack service roads, gravel roads, gravel greenway, and non-technical single track. If you are an adventure-oriented gravel enthusiast – you’ll want to add this to your Tuck Fest to-do list.

Thursday, April 19 – 5:00 pm

Race will start and finish at the Ridge Pavilion.

King & Queen of Goat Hill

Think you have what it takes? The King & Queen of Goat Hill is a four lap mountain bike challenge combining one of the USNWC’s most rewarding descents with one of its most brutal climbs.  The short course is centered around the summit of Goat Hill, and includes various non-traditional routes to create a unique loop unlike any that has been done before.

Friday, April 20 – 5:00 pm

Race starts and finishes at the top of Goat Hill / MTB Slalom Course.

MTB Enduro

This non-traditional Enduro format allows riders to begin their runs from a centralized point to descend three unique downhill courses. Two of the courses are rocky and rooty single-track starting from the highest elevation point on the property. The third is a groomed jump-line with tabletops and berms. Each participant will be given a solo timed run down each course in the order of their choice. Times will be compiled for an overall score. The fastest rider down all three courses cumulatively will be crowned the winner.

Friday, April 20 – 6:00 pm

Race starts the top of Goat Hill / MTB Slalom Course.

Short-Track MTB Race

The Short-Track MTB Race is a circuit race held on a single-track loop, contested for 40 minutes.  Racers will complete as many laps as possible during the allotted time, and will be given a one-lap-to-go warning at the beginning of their final lap.  All racers will finish on the leaders final lap and will be scored according to how many laps they completed.

Saturday, April 21 – 5:00 pm

Race starts and finishes at the Ridge Pavilion.

Tour de Tuck

Ready to explore beyond the USNWC? Hop on your road bike and head out on the Tour de Tuck, taking on 31 miles on rural backroads in and around Gaston County. Along the ride, cyclists will charge up Spencer Mountain and knock out a total of 400+ meters in elevation gain.

Sunday, April 22 – 8:00 am

Ride starts and finishes at the OUTFITTERS.

MTB Half Marathon

Settle into the saddle for the long haul as riders take on the longest mountain bike race at Tuck Fest. This two lap race through the USNWC trail system takes riders through 13.1 miles of cross-country single-track, including a variety of levels of trail difficulty along the way.

Sunday, April 22 – 12:00 pm

Race starts and finishes at the Ridge Pavilion.

Short-Bike World Championships

The granddaddy of all short bike races goes down at the USNWC.  Participants young and old will use 12” kid’s bikes to race head-to-head in heats of four down and back a short, flat-ish course. Two tournament style competitions will take place, with the top two finishers of each race moving on until the finals, where one Short-Bike World Champion will be crowned from both the Young Folks (9 years and under) and Old Folks (10 – 99 years of shredding experience) divisions.

Sunday, April 22 – 4:00 pm

Check the festival map for location.

U.S. National Whitewater Center | 5000 Whitewater Center Parkway | Charlotte, NC 28214 | 704.391.3900 | info@usnwc.org

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